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Welcome to City Farmz
Your urban farm and more store in Campbell

Our focus is the Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteading incorporates small-scale, sustainable agriculture and homemaking. Homesteading in the suburbs covers a wide range of possibilities.

“An urban homestead is a household that produces a significant part of the food, including produce and livestock, consumed by its residents. This is typically associated with residents’ desire to live in a more environmentally conscious manner."

Aspects of urban homesteading include:

  • Resource reduction: using solar/alternative energy sources, harvesting rainwater, using greywater, line drying clothes
  • Raising animals, including chickens, goats, rabbits, fish, worms, and/or bees
  • Edible landscaping: growing fruit, vegetables, culinary and medicinal plants, converting lawns into gardens
  • Self-sufficient living: re-using, repairing, and recycling items; homemade products
  • Food preservation including canning, drying, freezing, cheese-making, and fermenting
  • Community food-sourcing such as foraging, gleaning, and trading
  • Natural building
  • Composting
City Farmz sells the modern homesteading items you need to raise it, grow it, store it, keep it, make it & learn it!
Bringing back depression era skills to a recession era world.